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  • How do I find any recently deceased retirees OR any deceased retiree?
    You can find that data on the In Memoriam page. It shows deceased information in a much more searchable way. The list includes deceased from the last date that we get information from Chevron, and includes all deceased retirees (not just CRA members) since 2012. You get information two ways: 1) If you know the last name of person you are searching for Click on In Memoriam in the header of the front page, then enter the Last name and Search 2) If you just want to know who passed away in a particular month: Move your pointer over In Memoriam in the header of the front page, Click on In Memoriam Archives then enter the Company (like Chevron, Caltex, Unocal, Gulf, Getty etc), Year and Month. Notice that when you enter Company all deceased show from that company. Year and the list narrows down, month – most recent month to get the most recent deceased list based on information provided by Chevron.
  • Where can I find out about the post-65 retirement plans?
    You can find that info on our Benefits page.
  • How do I report a death to Chevron?
    To report the death of a former employee, retiree or dependent, contact the HR Service Center. You will need the following information when you call: Name of deceased SSN of deceased Date of death Marital status Spouse/Survivor's name, address, phone, SSN, date of birth The person reporting the death will need to provide your name, relationship to the deceased, address and phone number. HR Service Center 1-888-825-5247 (Inside U.S.) 1-832-854-5800 (Outside U.S.) 6 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific 8 a.m. -7 p.m. Central Monday-Friday (no holidays)
  • Where can I find a local CRA Chapter in my area?
    You can find that information on our Chapter page.
  • How do I setup a Zoom meeting?
    You can find our Zoom User Guides under our Resources page.
  • Where can I find the Personal Planning Documents?
    You can find that info on our Resouces page.
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