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Chevron Benefits

As a Chevron retiree, you may qualify for the following benefits.  For further information, check the Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), call the Chevron HR Service Center (1-888-825-5247), or visit the Chevron Retiree Benefits website.

Chevron Medical/Dental/Vision

Chevron offers medical, dental, and vision benefits to eligible retirees and their survivors.  For more information, check out the following Chevron resource pages:

To determine if you are eligible, phone the Chevron HR Service Center at 1-888-825-5247.

Post-65 retirees in doubt about who to contact for support should reference our Post-65 Retiree Support Section.

Doctor and Patient

Post-65 Retiree Support

With the advent of OneExchange, renamed Via Benefits, for post-65 retiree health care, questions can arise as to who to contact, the HR Service Center (1-888-825-5247) or Via Benefits (1-844-266-1392). 

Note: Escalation processes exist between HR Service Center, Via Benefits and Chevron Benefits for member issues.

HR Service Center primary for:

  • Qualifying Life Events (e.g., death process)

  • Address Change (master data, pension, life insurance)

  • Dependent Data updates

  • HRA amount - if they think their amount at Via Benefits is wrong

  • If post-65 and they are stating their data or their post-65 dependent data is not showing at Via Benefits

  • Retiree Enrollment Milestone questions

  • If Pre-65 dependents are eligible for coverage and they need to enroll/change

  • Special Groups (examples):

    • Post-65 Not living in the U.S.

    • Post-65 and not eligible for Medicare

Via Benefits primary for:

  • Address Change (health care only)

  • Ask for the materials to be reprinted and mailed (or any other questions about Via Benefits communications)

  • Enrollment questions for Post-65

  • Enrollment deadlines for Post-65

  • Coverage available through Via Benefits

  • Questions about how the HRA process works

  • Questions or issues for plan they are enrolled in through Via Benefits (medical, Rx, dental, or vision)

REACH Scholarship

Children of Chevron retirees are eligible to apply for the REACH scholarship program. Applications are available at the end of November. Students or retirees may email for an application during the last week of November. Applications are due January 15 and late applications will not be accepted.

The REACH program is for sons and daughters of Chevron employees and retirees. Grandchildren are eligible if the retiree has legal custody of the child.

Man Reading a Book
Credit Card

Chevron / Texaco Employee / Retiree Credit Card

This card offers several per gallon discounts on fuel.  To download an application, click ChevronTexaco Retirees Advantage Gas Card application Please note, this application is for Employees/Retirees only.  All other potential applicants can access information on the various card products and the online application by going directly to, picking up an application at a station, or calling 1-800-FREEAPP.

Chevron Pension Plan

The Chevron Retirement Plan provides monthly pension payments to certain retirees and survivors. 

Who Is Eligible

Chevron and non-Chevron legacy retirees and survivors who satisfied the eligibility requirements of the Plan, including legacy retirement plans, and who elected monthly pension payments.


For further information, retirees should refer to the Summary Plan Description – “Chevron Retirement Plan for Employees Hired Before January 1, 2008”. 

How to Obtain Information about Your Pension

The amount, and terms and conditions of your benefit vary by the pension plan of the retiring company. For further details refer to the documents issued at retirement, login to the Benefit Connection website (you will need your Social Security Number and your PIN number) or telephone the Chevron HR Service Center. Their phone number is 1-888-825-5247 (610-669-8595 if calling from outside the U.S.) and their hours are 6 am to 5 pm, Pacific time (8 am to 7 pm, Central time), Monday through Friday.

How to Report a Change

Changes in personal information and life events are to be reported to the Chevron HR Service Center.

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Insurance Agent

Chevron Life Insurance

Chevron offers Life Insurance to eligible legacy retirees

Who Is Eligible

Chevron and non-Chevron legacy retirees who satisfied the eligibility requirements for coverage. For further information, retirees should refer to the Summary Plan Description or login to the Benefits Connection website for details about their individual coverage. (To login you will need your Social Security Number and your PIN number.)

Amount of Coverage

The amount, and terms and conditions of coverage vary based on the life insurance plan of the retiring company. For further details, refer to the documents issued at retirement, the Benefits Connection website or telephone the Chevron HR Service Center. Their phone number is 1-888-825-5247 (610-669-8595 if calling from outside the U.S.) and their hours are 6 am to 5 pm, Pacific time (8 am to 7 pm, Central time), Monday through Friday.

How to File a Claim

The beneficiary of your insurance should report your death to the Chevron HR Service Center.

Chevron Humankind

Supporting the causes, you care about.



Chevron offers one-to-one matching for your financial contributions to eligible non-profits (must be 501c3 Qualified) - up to $3,000 per retiree annually. Retirees can request a corporate match for cash, check, credit card or stock contribution to a non-profit through direct giving. A one-time gift made directly to a recipient organization must be at least $20 to qualify for Chevron Humankind matching funds. Our Chevron Humankind page provides details.


Chevron is committed to volunteerism as a way for retirees to provide hands-on support for their communities. Retirees can request a $500 grant after they volunteer 20 hours with a single non-profit of their choice and another $500 after 40 hours, for a total of $1,000 per year.

Contact Information


Email or call +1 (866) 751-6031.

Resource links

Old Friends
Lawyer and Client

Chevron Advocacy Network

Chevron needs energy advocates like you to lend your voice to the energy policy discussion. During your career at Chevron, you helped to define the company and the industry among your families, friends, and communities. This experience makes you among the most credible and trusted voices on energy issues and policies.

What would you do?

Joining this network will enable you to speak up in pursuit of energy policies that are informed by the facts and the knowledge of what the company and industry mean to people and communities across this country. 


As a member, you will get:

  • Updates on important issues affecting the company

  • Access to exclusive advocacy resources and tools

  • Opportunities to engage with policymakers and other advocates when key issues arise in your community

  • The ability to take quick action in support of policies that strengthen our nation’s energy future

Whether it’s a local issue in your community or a national issue that could affect communities across our country, the Chevron Advocacy Network is your vehicle to tell the real story of Chevron and the oil and gas industry.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the company. We look forward to working with you to achieve a stronger, more secure energy future for our communities, our families, and the company. Please join the Chevron Advocacy Network at

CRA Benefits

In addition to direct Chevron's benefits, there are many other benefits available to Chevron retirees.  Some are only available to dues-paying CRA members.

CRA Dental Program

Don't have dental coverage? The CRA Dental Program makes available to CRA Members the choice between two MetLife Dental Plans – the Low Plan or High Plan. The Low Plan covers preventative and basic care coverage, such as x-rays, cleanings, fillings, and periodontal maintenance. The High Plan covers all the services of the Low Plan plus major care such as implants, crowns, and dentures. The Low Plan provides an annual maximum benefit of $750, and the High Plan provides an annual maximum benefit of $1,500.

  • CRA Offers Competitive Dental Plans at Competitive Dental Rates

  • Not a replacement for the Chevron Dental Program

  • Renewal information will be mailed to members each February.

  • Dental benefits are effective annually on April 1

  • MetLife Dental coverage does not coordinate with the Chevron UCCI dental program.


Check the CRA Dental Program website for more information.

Doctor Check-Up
Security Guard using Walkie Talkie

Identity Theft Protection & Resolution Services Program

IDT Safeguard now offers Identity Theft Protection & Resolution Services to Chevron Retirees Association (retirees, dependents, and survivors) and Chevron employees and dependents. Click links below for further information. Also available through BenefitHub.


IDT Brochure click here.        
IDT Safeguard Enrollment click here

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ChevRec BenefitHub

BenefitHub is the discount portal for Chevron Recreation and is available to Chevron retirees. On the website you can find discounts and savings to many of your everyday purchases. BenefitHub is also host to Chevron exclusive discounts programs available only to employees, like AVIS, Southwest Airlines, and Verizon wireless. 

Not yet a member of BenefitHub? Membership is free to employees and retirees. To protect the exclusive nature of this program, you are required to provide a referral code to complete your registration. Retirees email Jim Bonwell at to request a BenefitHub referral code. Your access will be authorized against our retiree database.

The turnaround time to receive your referral code is typically 1-3 business days. The referral code is for one-time use only to create your account. Once registered, it is no longer needed to sign on. 

We ask for your assistance by not sharing the referral code with anyone except another Chevron retiree. If the code gets into the domain of the general public, the program could be jeopardized for both employees and retirees.

Hearing Aid

Hear in America

Substantial savings on hearing aids are available through Hear In America. Hear In America (HIA) was founded by hearing instrument dispensers in 1995 to help people get the best possible combination of hearing technology, price, and service. 

CRA Member Benefits Include:

  • Free annual hearing screening for you and extended family

  • Hearing aid discounts from 35% - 70% (off MSRP)

  • 3 year repair warranty

  • 3 year loss and damage coverage

  • 3 years of free batteries

  • Office service (cleanings, adjustments, etc.)


For more information about the Program contact HIA by either clicking on the link below or by phoning them at 1-800-286-6149.


Hear in America (HIA) -

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