Newsletter Template: If you would like to start a newsletter for your chapter but are staring at a blank page, here is a template that was provided by Chevron to help you get started.  If you would like to get into the layout of this template, we have it available as a Microsoft Word document.

Chapter Organization: This document provides guidance in determining "typical" positions and duties, for those Chapters that choose to designate "leadership positions" and define "position duties".

Recruiting Materials: Materials to assist in participating in Chevron Health Fairs and Boomer Meetings and in introducing CRA to potential members. 

Shared Practices 2023:  Sharing ideas from our Chapters (Updated January '2023)

Shared Practice for Chapters needing to fill Board vacancies - typical Board Member roles (Updated October 2022)

Sudden Cardiac Arrest:
The New "CPR" is now CCC
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