In The Current Issue (2Q2018)

President's Letter

The CRA President, Kathy Henschel, announces the Passing of two of our past CRA Presidents, Ernie Breaux and Clay McElroy.  Both served CRA with distinction in various capacities, and we had hoped to see them in San Antonio. "Our thoughts and prayers are with their families", states Kathy.  Mid Year meeting was held in January for information as input to the Annual Meeting to be held in San Antonio, Texas, May 20-22. Kathy reminds us of our four important points for this year (2018).  1) Provide value to our members, 2) Provide value to Chevron,
3) Connect with our current and future Members, 4) Develop our Leadership going forward.  From the Benefits aspect be sure to read Lezley's Benefits Corner and please be on the Alert for your new Medicare Cards to be mailed out this year and next.

Chevron News Briefs

Chevron Reports Fourth Quarter Earnings of $3.1 Billion,
Annual Earnings of $9.2 Billion.

Chevron Issues Second Climate Report for Investors.

Chevron Announced Increase in Quarterly Dividend.

Chevron Announces Major Oil Discovery in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico.

Bruce Niemeyer Named Corporate V.P. of Strategic Planning .

          Featured Articles

Texaco Retiree, Joe Graham is featured telling his story of being hired after the Service, remembering his various jobs at Texaco and about his active retirement years. Joe and his wife has attended many CRA Annual meetings as President of his local chapter of CRA.

Advocates in Action Profile this issue features Mike Utt who has being active in helping the Chevron Advocate Network (CAN). Mike has had an interesting past and continues as a lecturer on Petroleum Engineering.

A letter of encouragement from the Chevron Advocacy Network to retirees to consider joining CAN to help support Chevron and their public affairs.

          Benefits Corner

Benefits Chair Lezley Barth gives advice about Birthdays being just a number.  Refocus your life by being active, volunteer some of your time, take pride in your appearance and keep those to do lists going strong.  The wardrobe could need some attention also.

In Memoriam

The "In Memoriam" section reports recent retiree deaths reported by HR and links to a searchable database of deceased retirees.

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