The CRA Email Roster is a means for retirees to make or maintain contact with old friends and work associates.  Subscribers offer up basic contact information:

Legacy company
Email address​​

In return, subscribers receive a semi-annual master listing and monthly updates.  In these monthly email broadcasts, we try to bring you up to date on recent CRA publications of interest.  Other message distribution is restricted to alerting people about issues of concern to the Company and messages of interest to retirees from the Company and the CRA leadership.

You don’t have to be a dues-paying member to subscribe.

This roster is, however, for the exclusive use of Chevron retirees, former employees, and friends.  It is not to be used for business or solicitation purposes.  We trust that Chevron people will observe this request, but we cannot guarantee it.

If you would like your email address included, please complete the following form.  You will receive a confirmation email.