1st Quarter 2020 Benefits Corner

Benefits Corner 1st Qtr

By Bill Dodge, CRA Benefits Chair

Bill Dodge

As we enter into the New Year, the CRA Benefits Committee thought it would be helpful for me to summarize significant accomplishments performed by the Committee during 2019. Also, provide feedback on Open Enrollment for the Plan Year 2020, recap important announcements of interest to CRA retirees for 2020 and remind members on several relevant topics.

  • Summary of significant accomplishments of the CRA Benefits Committee during 2019


    • Updated Benefits section of the CRA website including contacts and information in the CRA Benefits Guide and Benefits Tips and Helpful Information documents accessible using the web links on the CRA Website.
    • Encouraged retirees to use toll-free phone numbers posted on the CRA website to at least initially contact the Chevron Human Resources Service Center and/or Via Benefits as appropriate on their benefit issues.
    • Continued to inform and educate members on benefits.
    • Continued to respond with answers to questions, after performing research, if required.
    • Continued to engage with Chevron’s Benefits staff on calls and through password secured email correspondence to address retiree issues and arrange for appropriate feedback.
    • Continued to manage Verizon and Sprint cellular telephone validation for discount eligibility.
  • Reminders regarding your HRA Reimbursement and Via Benefits profile:
  • Continued to prepare quarterly Benefits Corner articles in the Encore publication posted on the CRA website

    Open Enrollment for Plan Year 2020 

    Open Enrollment for Plan Year 2020 went fairly well – just a few problems, which is great considering 40,000+ retirees. As of December 31, 2019, post-65 medical-eligible retiree and dependent participants completed the third year following transition from Chevron’s health care management to Via Benefits, through a healthcare reimbursement arrangement (HRA). Since the overall healthcare transition occurred three years ago, coupled with the majority of plans having an automatic renewal feature, significant issues were not anticipated.  The few issues that occurred, some of which were reported by Chevron retirees, are being addressed by Chevron Benefits as part of continuous efforts to improve this process. 

  • With the arrival of the New Year, check to see that the medical/dental bills are being paid and your HRA reimbursement is flowing into your bank account. 
  • To avoid instances where HRA reimbursement could be stopped during the year, post -65 medical-eligible retirees must either have paid medical/dental premiums from medical plans offered through Via Benefits or Medicare Part B in order to be reimbursed.The surest way to claim reimbursement is to have your Medicare Part B premiums reported to Via Benefits using the November Social Security letter that states your Medicare Part B premiums for the coming year. (This is greater than the maximum reimbursement.)Instructions for filling out your personalized claim form(s) are on the Via Benefits website under Claims and Reimbursement. 
  • Please update your Via Benefits profile with your new Medicare number since Via Benefits can no longer use your Social Security number beginning in 2020. 
  • Important announcements and other reminders ….
  •  Full transition to the new Chevron BenefitConnect website was completed during 2019. Use this website to manage and make decisions about your Chevron health, welfare, and pension benefit plans. (https://mychevronbenefits.ehr.com)

 When the time comes, those surviving you may not be ready to make necessary important decisions. One of the best legacies we can leave for our survivors is a clean house and a clear path to all of our attachments.CRA has created a very useful document to record much of what your survivors do need to know.I strongly recommend each of us complete at least part of this document related to accounts and relationships as a gift to your family.It can be found on the CRA Benefits section of the CRA website.

 In conclusion, the members of the CRA Benefits Committee wish all Chevron retirees and their families a safe and healthy New Year!   Welcome 2020!!

Bill Dodge,Contact Information for CRA’s Benefits Committee:
Bill Dodge, Chevron / Gulf : Email: CRABenefits9@gmail.com ; Phone: 832-934-0680