3rd Quarter 2018 Benefits Corner

3rd Quarter 2018 Benefits Corner

By Lezley Barth, Chair, CRA Benefits Committee

Lezley Barth Captioned


Available through HUB, IDT Safeguard offers Identity Theft Protection & Resolution Services Program 

Identity theft is a serious, fast-growing crime with new victims every two seconds. Last year, 12.7 million consumers fell victim to ID theft—19 people every minute—taking an estimated 14-16 months to clear their names. Of ID fraud victims, seniors are 34% more likely than individuals at age 40.  Revenue from ID theft in the U.S. surpassed drug trafficking.  Credit card theft alone cost Americans more than $9 billion. 

Identity theft involves the misuse of another individual’s sensitive information.  They may open credit accounts, use your existing credit/banking assets, or seek medical treatment using your data.  Identity theft includes the following personally identifiable information (PII):  Social Security numbers, financial account numbers, and protected health information (PHI).  PII and PHI can be exposed in many ways—intentionally and unintentionally—through human error, data theft, and hacking attacks on computing devices.

How fraudsters use personal information:  

  • Obtaining credit fraudulently from banks and retailers,
  • Stealing money from a victim’s existing accounts,
  • Securing loans, employment and housing,
  • Establishing accounts with utility companies,
  • Receiving medical care, or
  • Achieving financial gain in other ways using the victim’s name.

Examples how criminals steal your identity:

  • Dumpster-diving for documents containing sensitive information,
  • Stealing mail to preapproved credit offers, credit cards, bills and more,
  • Impersonating a loan officer, employer or landlord,
  • Skimming of credit/debit card information at point-of-sale machines, or
  • Purchasing identities on the internet or through a secondary market.
  • Program Features: (Includes up to 5 checking/savings accounts & 10 credit/debit cards; Excludes IRAs/401Ks)

    $2,000,000 Service Guarantee
    Live Member Support 24/7 - 365
    Monthly Credit Score Tracker
    Black Market Website Monitoring
    Cyber Surveillance Monitoring
    Credit Card & Credit Inquiry Activity Monitoring
    Court Records Monitoring
    Medical/Insurance ID Theft
    Checking/Savings Account Monitoring
    Address Change Verification Monitoring
    Credit Bureau Monitoring
    Social Security Number Trace Monitoring
    Driver’s License Number Monitoring
    Pre-Existing ID Theft Covered
    Tax ID Theft
    Utility Identity ID Theft
    Government Benefits ID Theft
    Employment ID Theft
    Criminal ID Theft
    Mortgage ID Theft
    Debit Tagging
    Unlimited White Glove Concierge Restoration

    $8.95/Month – Individual Coverage, or $17.95/Month – Family Coverage 

    The IDT offering is available through the link: hubidt13.secureenrollm ent.com, or through BenefitHub at: chevron.benefithub.com, and is included on the CRA Benefits website at:  CRA Benefits. 

    Eligibility: Chevron Retirees Association members (retirees, dependents, or survivors), Chevron employees and dependents or survivors.

     Family Hearing Benefits offered through Hear In America (HIA) 

    • HIA is an independent organization, not owned by any manufacturer, which works for its members.
    • In operation since 1995, HIA only handles hearing benefits, and does that for 75+ partners and associations with 15 million members.
    • No enrollment or registration fee is required, and there are no premiums for their services. HIA is paid through their discount arrangements with manufacturers.  

    Products: Hear In America offers hearing aids from all nine major manufacturers: GN Resound, Widex, Oticon, Phonak, Rexton, Siemens, Starkey, Sonic Innovations, and Unitron.   

    Pricing: HIA provides the following:

    • Free annual hearing screening,
    • A discount of 35%-70% off of MSRP on hearing aids from all manufacturers,
    • 45-day money-back trial period,
    • Financing (interest-free up to 12 months),
    • 3 years follow-up care including cleaning, adjustments, and retesting,
    • A 3-year repair warranty,
    • 3-year loss and damage coverage,
    • 3 years of free hearing aid batteries, and
    • Second opinions and consultative advice, as an expert in the field.   

    Locations:  HIA’s partners have 3,000+ locations nationally in all 50 states. 

    Eligibility: Chevron Retirees Association members (retirees, dependents or survivors) and Chevron employees, dependents or survivors.  Both CRA members and Chevron employee groups include extended family members, such as in-laws (regardless of place of residence).  HIA knows that if one of your family members has a hearing loss it causes problems for you too.  

    Process and Contact Information: 

    • To register for your benefits call HIA at 1-800-286-6149 M-F, 9:00 AM-5:30 PM Eastern, or you can also reach HIA at: www.hearinamerica.com. Identify yourself as a CHEVRON member to ensure you receive this HIA offer and discount!
    • When you are ready for your screening, HIA arranges your visit at one of its participating hearing centers.
    • HIA follows up with EVERY member, hearing center, and audiologist (supplier feedback) to ensure that expectations were met or exceeded.
    • The HIA offering is also available through BenefitHub at: chevron.benefithub.com, and is included on the CRA Benefits website at: CRA Benefits

    Reminder to Check GoodRx— Why? An Actual Example

    One of my husband’s recent prescription medications was NOT covered by insurance.  Since his doctor left on vacation after the office visit, no prescription change was possible, so the $118 retail price was paid. The initial prescription and three refills would have totaled $472 for all four.  

    It was several days later before I really looked at his receipt—the price seemed really high, so I looked at the GoodRx web-based tool for a price comparison.  With the customer profile previously completed to include my zip code, the only information needed now was (1) the exact medication name, (2) type—tablet, capsule, liquid, or ointment, etc. and (3) quantity or size.  Within seconds, the GoodRx tool generated a complete list of pharmacies and competitive pricing in our area.  To my delight, huge savings were available AND the tool presented me with a printable coupon for $59 per prescription for this medication.  So I printed!  Guess the price his pharmacy offered for the same prescription when using this coupon? $59—half the $118 price! 

    While fully understanding that companies are in business to make a profit for their shareholders, this situation caused me great angst.  Not only because of personal impact but also because I know this situation occurs ALL THE TIME, and it’s happening to those who have far fewer resources, limited incomes, and can ill afford the higher prices.  Also, savings opportunities/ coupons for medications for serious conditions or diseases could involve significantly more money.  It was likely these opportunities were being missed when money could be in the pockets of people who were struggling from their health issues and associated expenses.  Now on a mission … this story was prime for a Benefits Corner, and I had to fix our own pricing dilemma. 

    I asked my husband for his prescription and informed him we were returning it to the pharmacy.  He advised that, “We can’t do that because it’s several days after the fact.”  Disliking confrontation and believing the pharmacy would just refuse, he was NOT enthusiastic. Sometimes he forgets I’m involved in this stuff!  But it was a matter of principle and I’m an optimist, so with a printed coupon, the medication, prescription detail, and receipt for $118 in hand, we headed to the pharmacy.  I presented the situation to the pharmacist. Because of the pharmacy’s corporate relationship with GoodRx, she simply re-processed the transaction and applied the coupon. It reduced our initial credit card transaction by $59.  The coupon will also apply to the refills.  So, investing ten minutes to return to the pharmacy and ask for an adjustment will save us $236 for four purchases. Obviously, the moral to this story: Check GoodRx.  Remember, you need to ask for discounts by printing out competitive pricing, showing them on your Smartphone, and/or providing a coupon. They will likely price match the lowest pricing.  Or, if you discover a recent pricing issue, take your prescription back, along with a coupon, receipt, etc., especially if they accept GoodRx pricing and coupons. Don’t hesitate to ask for an adjustment.  If needed, get GoodRx involved; they volunteer to assist you on their website—contact them! 

    GoodRx is accepted at thousands of major pharmacies, among them: Target, CVS, Costco, Walgreens, Medicine Shoppe, Rite Aid, Walmart, Kroger, and Safeway. To see if pharmacies near you honor GoodRx, go to: goodrx.com/pharmacy-near-me. Then scroll below to select your state, next select your city. The website at: goodrx.com provides details how the GoodRx program works with your insurance and when you have Medicare.  It has medication details, pricing comparisons, potential savings up to 80%, and coupons that may be available. GoodRx membership is 100% free.  Your card can be printed online until the official card arrives by mail. The web-based tool is downloadable to a Smartphone, iPad, laptop or computer.  You can give your current medication(s) a pricing “sanity check.”  If it IS covered by insurance, the GoodRx tool can validate whether you’re getting a good value from your insurance provider.  If NOT covered by insurance, get competitive pricing in your area and/or look for valuable coupons for your medication.  Then, put the money back in your pocket, where it belongs!