3rd Quarter 2011 Benefits Corner

Benefits Corner by Al Horan

It is hard to believe but I just attended my fourth Annual Meeting of the Association. It was an outstanding and productive experience thanks to the organization and planning of Frank Coe, Ernie Breaux and all the other people who volunteered to work behind the scenes in Houston to make it such a success.


It also was successful because it gave all the attending CRA delegates a wonderful opportunity to meet and share ideas. Kudos all around!


What's more, the Annual Meeting gave us the chance to discuss and review an Auto & Home Insurance Program that we propose to make available to ALL dues-paying CRA members. I'm delighted to report that the delegates saw the significant value of this program and, accordingly, it was approved. This is yet another way in which we are constantly trying to add to the value of your membership.


Insurance proposal includes attractive discount


The insurance company offering this program is MetLife. What's more, MetLife will provide a basic discount of up to 17 percent depending upon where you live. Plus it will offer a further discount based on your years of CRA membership. The combined discount can be as great as 30 percent.


These discounts are above and beyond the normal discounts usually offered by most insurance companies for multiple lines of coverage, etc. We'll be working behind the scenes to bring you this new program in the very near future. So be sure to watch your mail and also make it a point to visit CRA's website (www.chevronretirees.org) for periodic updates. 


Help with your financial and estate planning  


In addition to the Auto & Home Insurance Program, we will be developing useful information to help you with your financial and estate planning. I'm hoping we can develop a booklet on "Financial and Estate Planning" like the one we prepared for Advanced Care Planning.


In regards to the recently completed "Advanced Care Planning" booklet, we were able to honor Linda Bulla and Bill Dodge at the Houston Annual Meeting with CRA pens as tokens of our appreciation for all the work they did on that publication. Linda and Bill are members of the Benefits Committee. 


Outstanding health presentation by UHC medical director  


Lastly, this year, like the two previous years, Chevron graciously arranged for Dr. David Wiechers to provide Annual Meeting delegates with excellent information about healthy lifestyles for keeping fit. Dr. Dave is the Medical Director for UHC, which provides most of Chevron's Medical Plan coverage.  The theme of his live presentation was "Live to be 100 or Die Trying - Eat, Pray, Exercise." A few of Dr. Dave's recommendations are: TAKE YOUR MEDICINE, EAT A LITTLE LESS, DRINK A LITTLE MORE RED WINE OR CHAMPAGNE, BE SPIRITUAL AND LOVE A LITTLE MORE." The splendid information he presented is based on studies of individuals who are at least AGE 100. 


The good news is his outstanding presentation is now available to all CRA chapters via the CRA Website, www.chevronretirees.org.  It is located at HOMEPAGE> PUBLICATIONS> BENEFITS CORNER (lower left panel)> VIDEO PRESENTATION (right panel).


Finally, in ENCORE’s previous issue, I wrote about prescription drugs, including purchasing them from overseas. In the 4th Quarter 2011 issue I hope to continue this theme by discussing the pros and cons of obtaining medical treatment outside the United States. Please be sure to look for the next Benefits Corner.


As always, let me know if you have any questions.


Al Horan, 972-964-1787, awhoran@verizon.net.