4th Quarter 2008 Benefits Corner

by Al Horan, CRA's Benefits Chairperson

CRA's Dental Plan is a reality

It's hard to believe that we are starting the year 2009.

These are exciting times – a lot is going on. We’re finally there. CRA’s Dental Program is a reality. We are also at that time of year when each of us will need to review our Chevron Medical Plan coverage and decide the level of coverage we desire for 2009. Chevron’s Open Enrollment will begin in October.

CRA Dental Coverage
An announcement letter was sent to all Chevron retirees and non-Chevron legacy retirees in September. Meetings are taking place where feasible to explain and better acquaint you with CRA’s Dental Program.

Also further information about the Program may be found at the website for the Program, www.cradental.com. Finally, in January all dues paying CRA Members will receive enrollment packets. Under the Program every dues paying Member will be eligible to join one of two Dental Plans that are offered through MetLife. The effective date of the Dental Program is April 1, 2009.

Chevron Medical Coverage
It’s a little early to comment on changes, if any, to Chevron’s Medical Plans for 2009. We were scheduled to meet with Chevron on October 1 to discuss what’s happening to the Plans for 2009. In addition to the enrollment package you’ll be receiving from Chevron in October, you’ll be able to access supplemental information through Chevron’s HR Center as well as supplemental material that will be made available through CRA. We’ll all try to help by taking the mystery out of insurance, i.e., provide clear and concise information. The only word of caution is to arrange automatic monthly premium payment through your bank, and remember if you decline Chevron coverage for 2009 your dependents will not have the opportunity to rejoin a Chevron Medical Plan if you should die before Chevron’s next open enrollment.

Pension Supplementation Increase
We like you are very much concerned about the state of our economy and rising prices. We can truly understand the problem of trying to deal with rising costs if you are on a fixed income. Just to update you, we’ve been in discussions with Chevron about this very point. Also, the need for a Pension Supplementation Increase was on our agenda for our October 1 meeting with Chevron. We’ll be in touch soon. Please try to bear with us.

Our contact information is below:

- Al Horan, Caltex: E-Mail: awhoran@verizon.net, Phone: 972-964-1787

- Virginia Benfield, Texaco: E-Mail: vbenfield@comcast.net, Phone: 281-558-3807

- Linda Bulla, Texaco: E-Mail: jo2nlin3a@earthlink.net, Phone: 615-832-1046

- Bill Dodge, Chevron/Gulf:E-Mail: wndodge@sbcglobal.net, Phone: 832-934-0608

- Herb Farrington, Unocal: E-Mail: herbf76@msn.com, Phone: 714-904-5825

- Richard Watkins, Unocal: E-Mail: dwatkins@nctv.com, Phone: 903-451-3266