1st Quarter 2008 Benefits Corner

by Al Horan, CRA's Benefits Chairperson

Open Enrollment for 2008

It's hard to believe but we just completed the Open Enrollment for 2008. I'm pleased to say that, on the whole, the enrollment seemed to run smoothly.

However, we did encounter a problem with some retirees, especially those individuals living in the Gulf Coast Area who did not receive their enrollment packages. I'm happy to say that Chevron's Benefits Department came to the rescue. We eventually got everything back on track. In total, approximately 16,000 individuals elected to change coverage for 2008 - and more than half of these were made on-line.

Over the last few months the Committee has received various enquiries from retirees about their Chevron benefits. I'm happy to say that with Chevron's help we've been able to resolve all but a few issues.

The remaining problems are being actively worked on. It appears to me that in some cases the problems have a recurring theme. Where types of issues recur, and where they are not specific to an individual, we would like to turn them into general questions and answers (individual names and facts would not be used) and post them on the Chevron Retirees Association website - www.chevronretirees.com. Along the same line we would welcome your general questions so that we may likewise post them and our answers.

I can appreciate that not everyone has access to a computer. On the surface this is a problem. However, most of us have family and friends who have computers. Perhaps, if it's not an issue, we can consider asking for their help by obtaining copies of pertinent information on your behalf.

In the next issue of Encore I'm hoping to assist you by addressing the topic of dealing with Chevron's service providers and government agencies. I'd like to prepare templates that can guide you, or anyone you designate, by outlining the type of information you will need when you contact a provider.

Just a few reminders about Chevron's Medical and Dental Plans:

(1) medical and dental claims for all individuals, including Medicare participants, for 2007 must be filed with the insurers by June 30, 2008; (2) prescription drug claims for 2007 must be filed by March 31, 2008 if you are covered by Medicare (Non-Medicare participants must file a claim within 365 days of the date of purchase); and (3) if you are covered by Medicare and you belong to a Chevron Medical Plan you must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B (hospital & doctor coverage) but not in Part C (alternative medical plan, like a Medicare HMO) or Part D (drug coverage).

The Committee welcomes your thoughts and comments. Our contact information is as follows:

Al Horan, Caltex: E-Mail: awhoran@verizon.net, Phone: 972-964-1787

Virginia Benfield, Texaco: E-Mail: vbenfield@comcast.net, Phone: 281-558-3807

Linda Bulla, Texaco: E-Mail: jo2nlin3a@earthlink.net, Phone: 615-832-1046

Bill Dodge, Chevron/Gulf:E-Mail: wndodge@sbcglobal.net, Phone: 512-996-8202

Herb Farrington, Unocal: E-Mail: herbf76@msn.com, Phone: 714-904-5825

Richard Watkins, Unocal: E-Mail: dwatkins@nctv.com, Phone: 903-451-3266