HR Service Center primary for:

  • Qualifying Life Events (e.g. death process)
  • Address Change (master data, pension, life insurance)
  • Dependent Data updates
  • HRA amount -if they think their amount at OneExchange is wrong
  • If post-65 and they are stating their data or their post-65 dependent data is not showing at OneExchange
  • Retiree Enrollment Milestone questions
  • If Pre-65 dependents are eligible for coverage and they need to enroll/change
  • Special Groups (examples):

Via Benefits primary for:

  • Address Change (health care only)
  • Ask for the materials to be reprinted and mailed (or any other questions about Via Benefits communications)
  • Enrollment questions for Post-65
  • Enrollment deadlines for Post-65
  • Coverage available on the Exchange
  • Questions about how the HRA process works
  • Questions or issues for plan they are enrolled in through Via Benefits (medical, Rx, dental, or vision)